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Koresh’s tomb

http://sundaymagazine.org/2010/11/madness-and-death-add-to-the-mystery-of-koreshs-tomb/ This guy gets plus points from me for including a hollow Earth theory in his weird cult. It kind of boggles the mind to think the theory is that we are inside the hollow Earth, but don’t realize it? … Continue reading

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I saw Marebito, and got kind of a cosmic horror of Lovecraft vibe, without the obvious convention of tentacle monsters. The movie kind of undermined that vibe near the end, by giving too much credence to the explanation, “He’s crazy, so maybe he made it all up.” In Lovecraft he might be crazy, but he would still be correct. I want Marebito to become an influential movie, like it’s onto a certain aspect of horror that isn’t done often enough in movies.

Here’s a related post from a horror blogger:

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Underground Orbiting Moonbase

It’s all very clear, I don’t understand why it confuses people.

Within a hollow Earth, past the Magma-men and a layer of hell, there is the Undermoon. Around it orbits the Underground Orbiting Moonbase. Continue reading

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