48 hour animation

I kind of forgot to mention, I helped make a 48 hour movie. It was animated.

It’s based on a true story from Manitoba’s history.

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3 Responses to 48 hour animation

  1. Burton Cummings says:

    Does this mean the movie is 48 hours long or did you create it in 48 hours?
    Or is it something to do with the title 48 hours like Eddie Murphy & Nicholas Cage?

    I can’t actually watch YouTube at my office as they block it. They also block Facebook and pretty much every web-email I can think of. They probably block MySpace and Twitter, but since I never use those I haven’t checked.

    They have not as of yet blocked horrible pain. While I am sure this is simply an oversight that will be corrected shortly, is it possible to set up a porthole on your site that allows someone to access other sites as a bit of a relay site in a way that masks the address of the end connection?

  2. Nicholas Cage says:

    I meant Nick Nolte. I realise Nicholas Cage wasn’t in 48 hours.
    Math Question: What is the square root of Pi squared?

  3. Ryan says:

    It means it was created over the course of 48 hours.