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Party Business Supreme

Party Business Supreme is now available on Steam, and Gamejolt. Trailer is up on Youtube. It is cribbing heavily off of Domino’s App Feat Hatsune Miku, plus some cake decorating ideas from Cake Wrecks.

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Cubey on Steam

Cubey vs. The Universe is now available on Steam.

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Rule of thirds?

A tangent I came upon during my previous attempt at tracing the history of “leading lines” is the “rule of thirds.” I think in general, it appeals to me to ask, “Where do these visual composition rules come from?” The … Continue reading

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Cubey vs. the Universe

Recently released this game, Cubey vs. the Universe, on It’s a puzzle game where you roll a cube person and need to match the faces of the cube to move. It’s an improved version of an old game I … Continue reading

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Camera projection matrix

I posted a gist on GitHub where I was playing with modifying the projection matrix for the camera in Unity. For background, a matrix is basically a grid of numbers. A vector is a series of numbers. And you can … Continue reading

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History of “leading lines?”

Some recent video game discourse over “leading lines” got me thinking about what is the history of the concept? Obviously it was a thing in photography and/or painting before it was ever used in video games, but for how long? … Continue reading

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Joystick accuracy test

I got a few people to run a program I made to test their accuracy with the thumbstick on a gamepad. What kicked off this train of thought, was I was considering radial UI as an interface. How many options … Continue reading

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A collection of paintings I’ve been doing on a general theme. I figured I’d put them up here. I hadn’t done much physical painting really. I drew a lot but just with ink or pencil, so no colour. I made … Continue reading

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Garbage Truck games

I saw this article on why kids loves garbage trucks. And it got me looking at games about garbage trucks. Obviously there must be a garbage truck simulator in the vein of Euro Truck Simulator or Train Simulator. I found … Continue reading

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Game Design Requires Aesthetic Choices

One thing I see sometimes on the game design subreddit, is questions of the form “Is ____ considered good / bad game design?” So I guess I have two pet peeves with that. One, it does a passive voice attempt … Continue reading

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