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Cubey vs. the Universe

Recently released this game, Cubey vs. the Universe, on itch.io. It’s a puzzle game where you roll a cube person and need to match the faces of the cube to move. It’s an improved version of an old game I … Continue reading

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Yet another thing for Fungus

Okay, now I made something that modifies the Fungus Say Dialog to work more like it’s a text messaging system, where it shows a series of bubbles of what characters have said, instead of just the most recent Say. You … Continue reading

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I’ve been playing with Unity3D a bit lately. This is something I made, called Fuckbert. It’s really only a proof of concept at this point, if that concept is “QBert with more actual swearing.” There’s only two kinds of enemies … Continue reading

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Mahogany Frogger

I made a game for local prog rock band Mahogany Frog. The game is called Mahogany Frogger. It’s the second thing I’ve made using FlashPunk the first being my entry for the Room Jam. You can play Mahogany Frogger here.

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Kissing games?

So one of the things that’s weird with Flash games is the ability for it to create these hyper-specific sub-sub-genres. Some of the broader genres I’ve come across are the “room escape” games and the “tower defense” games. Tower defense … Continue reading

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Mouse or keyboard?

Maybe I’m atypical in this matter, but if you make your Flash game so that I control it with the keyboard, I would really rather not have to switch back to the mouse just to click “next level.” Especially if … Continue reading

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Room Jam

I partook in a room jam, which means I made one of many many levels that are all mashed together into one computer game. You can play it online here: http://somanyrooms.com/ It’s my first use of FlashPunk, a game development … Continue reading

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In case you needed further evidence that hard core gamers aren’t the ones driving the money:

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Robot Wants games

These “Robot Wants” games are kind of cool, especially if you see them in a row you can see how they become more complex each time. It kind of has a Megaman feel to it, in terms of as you acquire new abilities, you can access regions or kill bosses you couldn’t before, but it’s up to you to figure out the best order to get the new powers.

The first and last are the crucial ones, do the two in the middle if you want to be completist:
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Card Game Graphic Design

So when I was at the comic-con this weekend, I discovered a local company that produces a board game called Galactic Empire.

I haven’t had a chance to play it yet, so I can’t comment on the quality of gameplay. But I am put off a little by the visuals of the game, so I thought I’d try an exercise to see what I would change.

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