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I’m going to try to do more little blog posts. Here’s a couple posters I found interesting:

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Card Game Graphic Design

So when I was at the comic-con this weekend, I discovered a local company that produces a board game called Galactic Empire.

I haven’t had a chance to play it yet, so I can’t comment on the quality of gameplay. But I am put off a little by the visuals of the game, so I thought I’d try an exercise to see what I would change.

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The movie trailer voice-over post-LaFontaine

So, Don La Fontaine, the primary movie trailer voice-over guy, died this last year. I’ve heard people suggest that they officially retire the phrase, “In a world” in his honour.

I think I recognized his voice in the trailer for Delgo. To me, that kind of exemplified what went wrong with Delgo. The studios turn ideas down because they don’t think they can market them. So if you’re billing yourself as the most expensive non-Hollywood animation in America, then you can’t market exactly the same way the studios would.

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Good game visuals

Further to an earlier post where I criticized the visuals of an online chess game, I figured I’d post a couple games that do the visuals right.

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Graphic design of a chess game

This chess game is hard on the eyes. I think the transparency wasn’t really necessary. And the dominant visual element on the screen? This thing:

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