I’ve been playing with Unity3D a bit lately. This is something I made, called Fuckbert. It’s really only a proof of concept at this point, if that concept is “QBert with more actual swearing.” There’s only two kinds of enemies and maybe 4 or 5 levels. But I think I fell for the programmer mentality that once I can do two kinds of enemies, then I know “a solution exists” to make a third kind of enemy. So it’s not a good game in its current state, but I’m not in the mood to turn it into a good game, is what I’m saying. 🙂

Because I was just learning, it’s kind of a ridiculous kludge of stuff that I wanted to play with. The pyramid blocks are coloured with a surface shader that uses IN.worldNormal [0] [1] and [2] to determine which of the three colours the surface should display. It would have been simpler (and easier to port to different platforms, since shaders aren’t always supported very well) to make the blocks out of three planes with a different colour applied to each, but then I wouldn’t have an excuse to play with shader code.

I was actually inspired to do a Qbert clone after seeing animation by Mirai Mizue which is maybe a silly response to seeing that, but whatever.

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