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Glitchy Flash Hoemstra

So I made a Homestar glitchy flash cartoon using Swfmill and R. Swfmill converts swf into xml and back, and R randomizes: Color SoundStreamBlock TextEntry PlaceObject2 I will further examine and see what is worth swapping around. Admittedly, this has … Continue reading

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Aesthetic of flashing lights

Thanks to the influence of animation and Edward Tufte, in the design of my own games, I normally go with the judgement that visual contrast should match the relative importance of any object within the game. I’ve been trying to … Continue reading

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Slimy Things Did Crawl

This is my game I made for the Ludum Dare, called Slimy Things Did Crawl. Note I have a newer version up here now. It’s based on the theme of “Evolution” which includes the basic mechanics, that you’ve got to … Continue reading

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McLarenator Update

I posted earlier about the McLarenator I’ve made a small but significant change. It can now load a series of numbered images into the waveform. It basically allows you to convert any video into a sound of the same length. … Continue reading

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So, after seeing a Norman McLaren thing on how he would draw on a film’s audio track, I got interested in ways I could generate an audio file on the computer. I’ve made a sort of software synth I call … Continue reading

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Kissing games?

So one of the things that’s weird with Flash games is the ability for it to create these hyper-specific sub-sub-genres. Some of the broader genres I’ve come across are the “room escape” games and the “tower defense” games. Tower defense … Continue reading

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SwfMill glitch art

Swfmill is a program that will convert Flash .swf files into .xml and back again. I found a bunch of those cheesy Flash banner games here. I ran some of them through SwfMill and messed around with the XML files, … Continue reading

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Basic mistake


So I saw this “unscramble the secret code” on New Scientist. It has a simple mistake in it, whereby each letter can only go in one position. So, there’s three identically-seeming Is, two Ts, two Ns, etc. Despite looking exactly the same, they aren’t interchangeable.

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