McLarenator Update

I posted earlier about the McLarenator

I’ve made a small but significant change. It can now load a series of numbered images into the waveform. It basically allows you to convert any video into a sound of the same length. (Most videos won’t sound GOOD, but there you go.)

Click the little film-strip and select the first in a series of JPEG or PNG files. For example, if you picked a file named “image001.jpg” then it will try to find “image002.jpg” “image003.jpg” and so on until it runs out.

The number in the file name should be right before the dot. If you have a file named “file01A2.jpg” it will ignore the 01 and only increment the 2, because it’s right next to the dot.

It will show a “loading” message that will count up until it runs out of images. As long as the “image sequence” button is on, it will ignore the specified frequency and length. Instead, it will base the length on the number of images loaded and the FPS (frames per second.)

You can download the updated version here. Or you can get the AIR version.

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One Response to McLarenator Update

  1. Curt says:

    That’s pretty damned neat.