Amazing Horse Video Analysis

I found this piece of paper the other day, which contains my analysis of the editing in the video for the Nerd Folia cover of Amazing Horse.

It was made just by putting the video into iMovie, and splitting it at every point where there’s a cut. The right column is the iMovie track, the left column is the length of each shot in seconds, and the centre column is the number of people in each shot.

Things that may be noteworthy: First and last shot are among the longest. There are shots with 1, 2, and 5 people in them, but none with 3 or 4, and the shot with 5 seems to consist of only one setup. Probably composing a shot for one or two people is easy, but for 5 is more time-consuming. (Also the camera is on a tripod, so maybe they didn’t have a 6th person to hold the camera.)

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