Idea I’m never going to implement

So this is an idea I’m never going to implement since it involves two things I’m not interested enough in to maintain it past the joke stage. So I’ll toss it out there in incomplete form.

It would be a Dragon Ball / Sh┼Źnen parody done in the form of a “social” game, at least using the energy systems of such.

The primary game system would be “challenges” which would last days or weeks. You and a computer opponent or another player would begin to fight, but you wouldn’t be able to win just by flat out punching one another. No, first you must charge up your Ki levels, using various moves that would power up different colours of Ki, would takes hours to execute, and would open up other moves within a move tree. Attacking would deplete both your and the opponent’s Ki in whatever configuration of colours, but in most cases, the more sensible strategy would be to execute a new energy-growing technique every 8 or 24 hours, depending upon the current weaknesses and strengths of your opponent’s Ki levels.

The name of the game would be either “So You Want a Challenge?” or “Over 9000.”

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