We just got guns!

I watched Matewan recently, and kind of love Kevin Tighe’s performance as a villainous Union-buster.

Here is is saying “we just got guns

Here he is intimidating a 15-year-old with a war story.

Here he is when he first arrives in town.

Here he is having dinner conversation.

And just so it exists, here’s my attempt at transcribing his “war hero” speech:

See this medal? You know how I won this, preacher boy? Huh?

I was sitting alone in a ditch in France and this kraut jumps in, right next to me. And I took my bayonet, and I stuck him right in the face.

And then another jumps in and I stick him too. And another, and another. And another. They just kept coming one at a time all night long.

In a little bit I got to worried that they weren’t all dead so I stuck them all again a couple times, just to make sure.

And in the morning they said that I was a war hero.

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