Rap video

I animated a rap video, using a combination of Unity 3D rendering and After Effects 2D animation:

For me the highlights from a technical standpoint are:
1) I rigged and skinned the 2D tentacles in blender. Yeah it’s the simplest possible thing to rig and skin, but it worked as intended, which is more than I can say for my previous attempts to skin something.
2) For Mad Child’s jaw I imported After Effects keyframes into Unity. The timeline animation in AE is so much easier to use than the Unity timeline animation. It’s still a hassle to import the keyframes, but in some circumstance that’s nice to know it’s possible.
3) The cave I generated from imported image files. I had already been playing with a tile generating script, what this adds is a height map image file. Again, it could be useful somewhere else, so you can use Photoshop as a level editor, essentially.

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