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Animated Episode

So, the animated episode is online.

Four of us did animation on this episode. Myself, plus Dan, Roman and Dave, all from the TVFC. Dan had the most experience doing animation, and I ended up being the head illustrator. Dave and Roman had no experience using Flash, and very little experience with animation, but it helped to have the extra hands working on this.

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Science Fiction No Budget

The second episode of The No Budget Show is up. Continue reading

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No Budget Show

So, one project I’ve been involved with is bearing fruit. It is called the “No Budget Show.”

The pilot episode is now available for your viewing pleasure through the internet. I primarily served as a camera operator for this episode.

Go to DanWalechuk.com to see it.

Nine more episodes have been shot, and three more are in the pipeline to be shot, so expect them to be squeezed out in good time. Continue reading

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