Animated Episode

So, the animated episode is online.

Four of us did animation on this episode. Myself, plus Dan, Roman and Dave, all from the TVFC. Dan had the most experience doing animation, and I ended up being the head illustrator. Dave and Roman had no experience using Flash, and very little experience with animation, but it helped to have the extra hands working on this.

Scene by scene I can really tell the difference with who did the lip sync. Since most of the illustrations were modified versions of things I had drawn, you can’t really tell from the characters who animated them, but the lip sync came out radically different. Dan’s are usually the best.

For another cartoon that I liked the animation of, check out Thank You Masked Man animated by Jeff Hale, who also did a bunch of cartoons for Sesame Street, like 12.

To get it over with quickly, I drew things as quickly as possible, and even my really sloppy drawings went in the show. This is where good character design is important, that they can survive that sloppiness. I was fortunate that most of the charactes had very distinctive costumes. The one problem was how similar the costumes were for John and the Agents, which I tried to compensate by giving them differently shaped heads. (John had a more angular head, and the Agents had rounder heads.)

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