So I just realized I hadn’t posted this. Back in November, shortly after Unity and Oculus released the free version of the Oculus SDK, I made a 3D puzzled game called Zed.


It’s a Threes-like in three dimensions. The standard approach to VR dev is to do something more immersive, I wanted to try something a little different. Programming was pretty simple, but it was a good exercise in graphic design for three dimensions.

The requirements were, I wanted something that would be very difficult to display intuitively on a flat screen, but the controls needed to still be simple.

I think there is some potential for games that need to present a large quantity of data but aren’t necessarily immersive. Consider an RTS game. You could have a 3D model of the battlefield, surrounded by a half-dozen display screens of important information. You wouldn’t be able to fit as much onto a computer monitor, and methods of switching screens would not be as intuitive and quick as just turning your head.

Or yes, in puzzle games, there might be new types of puzzles that are only possible when viewing them in three dimensions.

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