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48 hour animation

I kind of forgot to mention, I helped make a 48 hour movie. It was animated.


It’s based on a true story from Manitoba’s history. Continue reading

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Man, this stuff is crazy cool and weird:
This guy creates animations in clay and then slices the clay open and photographs them. Like, since he just needs to produce a 2D image, he then replicated time through the extra dimension of space. So it’s a kind of unusual way of approaching animation or moving pictures.

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World champion ball eater

Another animation test for myself. I just wanted to try out different ways of moving this guy’s arms.
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Mr. Nervous

So I did a short animation test, with one of those Mr. Mans. I know by normal standards, they’d never hire me to work on their show, and there’s no point in me submitting it. But it was a fun thing to try out. here.

Some of the motions I quite like, except you can barely see them, since I didn’t take the time to put in more tweening frames. Like the bit where his tongue stretches out and then springs into his mouth.

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Walking cycle

I just made a simple animated walking cycle, employing something I learned from the Bouncing Ball Lecture. Putting that little bounce in the step, and figuring out the speed of the foot motion has made it look a little better than the walk cycles I used in the No Budget Show.

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Animated Episode

So, the animated episode is online.

Four of us did animation on this episode. Myself, plus Dan, Roman and Dave, all from the TVFC. Dan had the most experience doing animation, and I ended up being the head illustrator. Dave and Roman had no experience using Flash, and very little experience with animation, but it helped to have the extra hands working on this.

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So the animation project I was working on for four months is animated. It’s an episode of the No Budget Show. I said I’d post something about what I learned once it was done.

First, some links that you might find nice:
This explanation of the bouncing ball is pretty great. It gets into variations on the bounce, and use of the bounce in a walking animation. I only found this once this project was pretty much done, so it had no real influence.

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I’m telling y’all it’s sabotage!

In a post on JohnK’s blog where he was explaining the problems in “Canadian-style” animation, he said:

TOO MANY ANTICIPATIONS Every pose is connected with the next by an anticipation and overshoot. Every single one! No one ever just moves from one pose to the next easily. There is no variance in timing or posing.

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There are 8 and only 8 mouth positions

I’m helping with an animated project. One thing that’s come up a few times when I mention this to people is they’ll mention drawing the 8 mouth positions needed for lip sync.

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