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Star Knight poster

I like how this poster just kind of lays it out:
“Yeah, he’s from space, and he came to medieval Earth, so they figured he was a knight and his spaceship was a dragon. Cool, huh?” Continue reading

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Let the movie be about what it’s about

Some actor who was in the Transformers movies, on why he was disappointed with Transformers 2, “You lost a bit of the relationships. Unless you have those relationships, then the movie doesn’t matter. Then it’s just a bunch of robots fighting each other.”

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I saw Marebito, and got kind of a cosmic horror of Lovecraft vibe, without the obvious convention of tentacle monsters. The movie kind of undermined that vibe near the end, by giving too much credence to the explanation, “He’s crazy, so maybe he made it all up.” In Lovecraft he might be crazy, but he would still be correct. I want Marebito to become an influential movie, like it’s onto a certain aspect of horror that isn’t done often enough in movies.

Here’s a related post from a horror blogger:

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This Hubble 3D trailer cracked me up

The second to last statement out of the gravelly-voiced trailer voice-over guy is, “Narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio.” I laughed out loud at that. Apparently Leo’s good enough to narrate the movie, but he’s not good enough to narrate the trailer. Continue reading

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Attitude to remakes

Is there any way we can develop a requirement that every time someone remakes an old movie, they have to go on record saying, “Well X is pretty good, but I think we can make it better?”

No half-assed justifications about making it accessible, or updating it. Just a flat-out claim that they think they can improve the movie.

Or we drop the idea of the “remake” and instead approach this as making a new movie based on the same script. In the theatre, if you put on a play that someone else has done before, you’re not remaking it, it’s just a new interpretation of the source.

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Interview with Walter Murch

This is a nice interview that talks a about scene transitions, which is something I’ve been thinking about.
http://filmsound.org/murch/interview-with-walter-murch.htm Continue reading

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Sticks to the Wall

I made an animated short called Sticks to the Wall. It played at the 90 second quickies:

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The Visual Story

I’m reading The Visual Story by Bruce Block.

One thing that’s really nice is he always uses diagrams and pictures to illustrate his points. In contrast, I’ve also been reading The Horse Who Drank the Sky lately, and that’s been a hard slog, since the author seems very much in love with words, which doesn’t appeal to me the same.

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48 hour animation

I kind of forgot to mention, I helped make a 48 hour movie. It was animated.


It’s based on a true story from Manitoba’s history. Continue reading

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Colour Schemes

I discovered a cool page that pulls colour schemes out of photos. So I threw a few movie pictures in there to see what it comes up with.

In the Mood For Love

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