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Book: Stiff

I’m reading “Stiff” a book about dead bodies. The author will occasionally go, “Oh, no, I really don’t want to hear/see any more about that, it’s too disgusting.” I guess I didn’t need a description of how the anus is sewn up during an embalming, but at the same time, it’s sometimes off-putting how she doesn’t really want to know too much about the subject she’s writing an entire book on. Is this something you’re allowed to do half-way? Continue reading

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The Visual Story

I’m reading The Visual Story by Bruce Block.

One thing that’s really nice is he always uses diagrams and pictures to illustrate his points. In contrast, I’ve also been reading The Horse Who Drank the Sky lately, and that’s been a hard slog, since the author seems very much in love with words, which doesn’t appeal to me the same.

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For my last post, I had to search to find the title of the book I had read.

For my own future reference, I’m going to get in the habit of blogging a little about books I read.

First, About Face 2.0: the essentials of interaction design. It’s the best book on interaction design I’ve yet read. It gets into some nice theory, about pliancy and excise and goal-oriented design. It mostly focuses on applications, rather than on web sites. I would be interested in finding a book more focused on web sites some time.

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