For my last post, I had to search to find the title of the book I had read.

For my own future reference, I’m going to get in the habit of blogging a little about books I read.

First, About Face 2.0: the essentials of interaction design. It’s the best book on interaction design I’ve yet read. It gets into some nice theory, about pliancy and excise and goal-oriented design. It mostly focuses on applications, rather than on web sites. I would be interested in finding a book more focused on web sites some time.

Second, Digital Game-Based Learning. My problem with this book is that it was clearly written from the point of view of a businessman rather than a designer. Which means it spends a lot of time explaining why you should use games for training, and not very much time explaining how to make your game good. It did get interesting when it got into examples. It didn’t include many kids games like you’d think, it had a lot more job training examples:

  • Whopper Challenge
  • Train Dispatcher
  • HEDGEManager
  • Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego’s Luggage? for airline service employees
  • Angel Five, a simulation for training FBI agents in inter-agency issues
  • Some stuff for the U.S. Military via STRICOM (now known as PEO STRI not as cool sounding)

I’m probably going to order my own copy of About Face. The game book, less so. I’ll see if I can find a game-based learning book that’s for kids games, that is something I’m interested in after that Sesame Street stuff I was talking about a few posts ago.

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