Criteriological Types

From an analysis of gaming magazines from 1981 to 1995, I like this list of “criteriological types.”

These have been noted and the result is a list of criteriological types including ideas like game affordances (what a game allows you to do, choices, in-game movement, rule structures); space (size, screens, number of levels); graphical qualities (realism, resolution, speed, art qualities); sounds (effects, music, atmosphere); challenge to manual skill (dexterity, virtuosity); cognitive challenge (puzzle solving, things to be understood, finding and searching), and others.

I’ll do the short version here:

  • game affordances
  • space
  • graphical qualities
  • sounds
  • challenge to manual skill
  • cognitive challenge

Or maybe I just like “game affordances” as a term.

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One Response to Criteriological Types

  1. Ryan Hill says:

    Extra Credits just had an episode where from a paper on Mechanics Dynamics, Aesthetics, they listed these Aesthetics:
    1. Sensation
    Game as sense-pleasure
    2. Fantasy
    Game as make-believe
    3. Narrative
    Game as drama
    4. Challenge
    Game as obstacle course
    5. Fellowship
    Game as social framework
    6. Discovery
    Game as uncharted territory
    7. Expression
    Game as self-discovery
    8. Submission ( He also calls it Abnegation )
    Game as pastime

    I’ll think a little more about this, but I almost think “affordance” belongs on that list, too. Though it may be described as an intersection between Fantasy and mechanics. Or perhaps Fantasy is the part of affordance that overlaps with narrative.