New games – Snowman, turkey, trampoline cop, ruin videogames gator

A few games I made that I haven’t posted here.

Snowman or Astroman? is a snowman assembling game I made for Ludum Dare.

Launch Turkey is a game I made in a little over three hours because I saw a “Turkey and explosions” jam on Gamejolt that had no entries yet.

Gator’s Secrets is a game I made for ruin jam. If you’ve been following discussion of video games online, you know what it’s alluding to. Though I narrowed the focus to something

Trampoline Cop was one of the arcades in Gator’s Secrets, one of only three that wasn’t taken from an episode of Regular Show. There was a PewDiePie jam, so I decided to turn Trampoline Cop into an actual game. I was originally thinking of something like a cross between Mappy and Jump Bug, but when trying it out in 3D started letting elements of Crazy Taxi in. The largest in scope of these games and I might return to it to make the level design a little more finished. Or I might rather make a bunch of little games like Launch Turkey, we’ll see.

Also this means now I’ve done eleven game jams.

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