Stop the Goblin Army

For the latest Ludum Dare the theme was Unconventional Weapon. I made a game where you ran over bowling-pin-shaped goblins with a car. This was my 15th game jam.

I had been interested in bowling variants lately.

At the start, I thought maybe you would set the direction of path of the car, more of a puzzle to get it around some obstacles, but I decided just steering it was more fun.

Compared to my car in Trampoline Cop, I tried to make this proportioned more like a real car, and I also relied more on the pixel illustration for details instead of mesh geometry. Also unlike Trampoline Cop, I relied on the Standard Asset vehicle in Unity. There are some things like stabilizer bars that made it easier to rely on the pre-existing script.

What I ended up spending the most time on was two things, both because they were prone to be buggy:
1) The camera movement
2) How to test whether the pins were finished falling over.

I think I will return to this, clean it up, expand on it.

The things I wanted to get to but ran out of time:
1) The scoring isn’t all there.
2) There’s a major bug if you manage to spin the car around, the frame never ends.
3) I want to try out bumpy lanes, or lanes with slight curves, to mix it up a little

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