Barger Tim

Also, I did my 16th game jam, with a game called Barger Tim.

I’m mostly pleased with the graphics, except for the generic cube for the burger dispenser. I might be repeating myself a little, since it uses the “throw food into people’s mouths” shtick that I used once before in Launch Turkey. I completely disregarded the Game Jam advice to get a playable version as quickly as possible, and spent my first day just making the little animated chef model and animations. This is the second game where I’ve made all my animations in Blender instead of animating in Unity. (The first is The Spider Who Would Only Eat Candy.)

Jupiter Hadley did a play video. (Along with hundreds of other games from the same jam.) It demonstrates the comment I’ve got from some other people that they tried to grab burgers by standing under the dispenser, and also shows how easy it is to overlook the “hold the throw button to throw harder” mechanic. I so often make game jam games with absolutely no play-testing and this sort of “assume the controls are more obvious than they are” is a mistake I really should have had drilled out of my head by now.

If I make changes to this, I’ll try to make those controls more obvious, either by trying alternate control schemes, or by just providing instruction. I’ll also play with the head movement; instead of moving a constant speed, they’ll zip up to a starting line, and zip away from a exit line. I think this will help make losing a life feel better, the delay between “This head is out of range for you to hit” and “This head has actually docked you a life” is kind of bad.

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