You’re A Mimic!

So I did the latest Ludum Dare and made You’re A Mimic!

I guess because I’ve been playing with Fungus a lot lately, it’s something where you try to find the holes in a treasure chest’s story, to prove it’s really a mimic.

I’d been making another Fungus game lately, but hadn’t really constrained it, in terms of it’s a conversation that you can take in a lot of directions, which makes it hard to keep the amount of dialog I have to write from growing exponentially. Which had got me thinking about what methods visual-novel-style games use to keep everything on track. I think there’s a lot I could still learn about that, but one approach is like Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney where a witness tells their story and you can pick apart the facts from that.

The theme for this Ludum Dare was “shape-shift” and that lead to the “mimic” that’s in some video games, disguising itself as a treasure chest. I’m apparently not the only person to take the theme in that direction. So this combined with my previous thoughts about the Ace Attorney-style mechanic to become You’re A Mimic!

In building it, I spent the most time drawing the graphics, and possibly the second most time programming the “fact” process, since it’s not something built into the core Fungus engine. I might return to that “fact” add-on and figure out ways to make it scale to larger games more easily.

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