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Game Jams

So, because there’s a local game jam coming up, which I haven’t signed up for, I got thinking, and I think I’ve done seven game jams. Room jam. This is the only local one I’ve done. Ludum Dare 24 Ludum … Continue reading

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Rap video

I animated a rap video, using a combination of Unity 3D rendering and After Effects 2D animation: For me the highlights from a technical standpoint are: 1) I rigged and skinned the 2D tentacles in blender. Yeah it’s the simplest … Continue reading

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I made another Ludum Dare game teamed up with Anand Friesen. The theme was Beneath the Surface so we made a game where you’re an iceberg and smash ships, called Icesome.

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Two games

So I made a couple more games. There’s Candy Crunchhttp://rhill.itch.io/candy-crunchhttp://gamejolt.com/games/arcade/candy-crunch/21582/ And Spitty Octopushttp://rhill.itch.io/spitty-octopushttp://gamejolt.com/games/arcade/spitty-octopus/22628/ I posted both games to both Gamejolt and Itch.io, I’m still feeling out which I prefer. I made them both is response to game jams put on … Continue reading

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Big I Made This

Apparently it’s been a long time since I did an I Made This post, so a couple things to catch up on. I made a game called Party Business in Unity as part of a Party-themed contest. I updated Slimy … Continue reading

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Gay Kiss

So I sold a sponsorship on my first Flash Game. It’s posted on Newgrounds here and sponsored by Ppllaayy. It’s called Gay Kiss, and it was inspired by my discovery of this sub-genre of Flash game, as I wrote about … Continue reading

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Defenders of Order

I took part in the Ludum Dare Jam, teaming up with Anand Friesen who did the art. The theme was Minimalism so we made a game where you defend minimalism against the non-minimalists.

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I’ve been playing with Unity3D a bit lately. This is something I made, called Fuckbert. It’s really only a proof of concept at this point, if that concept is “QBert with more actual swearing.” There’s only two kinds of enemies … Continue reading

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Demo Reel

I’ve put together an animation demo reel:

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Slimy Things Did Crawl

This is my game I made for the Ludum Dare, called Slimy Things Did Crawl. Note I have a newer version up here now. It’s based on the theme of “Evolution” which includes the basic mechanics, that you’ve got to … Continue reading

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